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Building Wealth Online Without the Experience

Wealth Online


Here is a Step-by-Step instruction for you, it can be done with four easy steps.

•    Research Your Market with the help of Adword keywords it is totally free

Research absolutely must be your first step. There are many keyword tools you can use to determine the demand for your niche and whether or not you can compete in a given market. As long as you’re doing your homework and making educated decisions, you won’t see too many of your sites failing.

•    Build Your Site
Your next step is the actual web site creation. You can use a free web-building tool like with Hostgato included in its hosting plan. When you start writing articles keep them about 350-600 words each and you need about 30 of them for one site.

•    Cash In
Programs like Google’s AdSense is the first Basic for any webmaster. There are hundred of others out there and you can check what others using as well but Adsense is the most common. The most basic with Adsense is anytime a visitor clicks through one of your pages you get paid.

•    Go Public
When your site is consumer-ready, all that’s left is to bring in the consumers. Rather than spending a fortune on pay-per-click ads, try implementing simple strategies to pull traffic from eBay and the organic search results:

o   Sell something on eBay to direct traffic to your stand-alone sites.

o    Again use Hostgator to get your sites indexed with the major search engines, they have a Google submit tool inside the Cpanel of your hosting.

o    Put up a blog – they weigh heavily in the ranking algorithms – and post stories or articles there. Some of the most popular is and but there are tons of others you can use as wello    Change the words in the article and submit them to the free directories, this is a great tool to get many back links fast.


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