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We are linked to a network that is able to provide the superb flexibility, stability, and uptime that we provide to our customers. Our internet connection has unlimited bandwidth to suit your hosting application.

Our secure and dedicated internet connection allows us to ensure satisfaction to all of our customers. Many of our packages are designed to be affordable. Our prices are one of the lowest on the net. These packages allow our customers to succeed in their personal or business needs. ChimeHost offers a variety of hosting. From entertainment to critical business applications, we have it all.

We have two separate switches dedicated to our customers. One switch is heavily fire walled for high intense security purposes. This heavily fire walled has the ability to withstand several gigabytes of data before the network is at its capacity. This filtering system allow us to withstand Distributed Dos Attacks, SYN attacks, and other high intense attacks that are unfathomable to other networks. Our other switch is dedicated to customers with web hosting, gaming needs, streaming needs, dns hosting, and other less intense applications that require less firewalls.

We are currently located in a neutral carrier facility that gives us access to many carriers. Currently we are multihomed on Global Crossing, Verio, Williams, Hurricane Electric. However, more is being added as our network need grows. We keep our network capacity at 80% with a 20% leverage before upgrading to another Gigabit line.

ChimeHost is one of the best in the hosting business. We strive to deliver hosting that small businesses or enterprises need to prosper on the Internet.

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