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Host Media UK was formed in November 2008 by AeonCube Networks. After the very successful RelicHost project we decided to jump back into the hosting league at a new angle. With our new range server resources we wanted to provide heavy media and application based hosting that will not fail under the stress. We continue to use our rule on overselling, we do not do it and will sell what we have so you know when you order your hosting plan that hosting space is dedicated to you not anyone else.

Being part of the AeonCube Networks gives us an unlimited number of resources in design, development, server management and even personel.
We were asked this question so many times while in the early stages of starting up Host Media UK, as many people know there are thousands of hosting companies offering the same thing. This is hard to compete with but with our 6 years of experience of running successful hosting companies and a team dedicated to providing fantastic support we are a great company to host with. Since we started over 3 years ago we have been awarded 5 stars by our customers and by review websites. Within our network we have been running our design & development agency over those 6 years learning and developing our skills for tasks such as these.

Our servers (UK & Worldwide) are monitored 24/7 all year round and with a dedicated support team over looking any issues that may occur. We also test the most popular scripts developed by our selves and many of the leading developers to make sure what ever type of website you will be running our servers and operating systems can handle it.

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